Heat-shrink Joinery by Nicola Zocca

(i personally find this very unattractive, but the design world is losing their shit for it.)

Secret Stash Drawer by YiTing Cheng

drawer opened by a special magnetic key

Housewares appear to be floating in this cabinet made of MDF, glass and paper. The “shelves” are strips of coated paper that are woven in and out of the glass supports. (via China Cabinet by Karolina Tylka


sound absorbing foam room divider and chair by SHE

Applied Literature And across town at Hidden Heroes in Zona Tortona, Applied Literature is a concrete table designed with János Hübler that mixes the abstract with the concrete (via Orto Living Wallcovering by Studio Ivanka


Ivy Chair by h220430

wave coffee table by angelo tomaiuolo

Bookwave by Ilio

Niptuc 2004 by Tom Price